Monday, January 16, 2017

Welcome to Hazard's Distillery!  

We are excited to finally be at a place on this journey where we can bring the public up to speed on the activity at Juniata County's only distillery. Getting to where we are right now has taken some serious work on the part of Tina and me.  We have spent the better part of three years researching, learning, and laying the groundwork in order to open our own distillery.  

However, it hasn't all been about reading countless regulations and learning  how to work within the system.  This journey has given us an excuse to visit other distilleries and, of course, sample everything they had.   It has taken us to destinations away from the normal tourist traps in places like Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, New York and Maryland.  We've met wonderful people that we wouldn't have otherwise met.  And on more than one occasion , we needed help carrying all of our purchases to the car.  

All of that research led us to the purchase of our stills and MORE  paperwork with the State and Feds.  

Now we are full steam ahead!   We are moving right along and have started renovations on the facility.  

Future Tasting Room

The Bar

The Processing Room

We are thrilled to be tackling this adventure and look forward to what lies ahead.  Please check back from time to time to see how things are progressing until the time you can stop in and see everything for yourself.

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